For Corporates


Personal Self Mastery

By igniting the desire to change, we help your people find motivation from within; which will build unstoppable passion, emotion and momentum helping them unleash their true potential. They discover and change deep-rooted beliefs that drive their behaviour and set themselves a mission and a plan that helps them achieve a lot more and exceed expectations.

Lightning Reading aka Speed Reading

Using these techniques your team could easily save more than 50% of their valuable reading time. This will help them get through emails, reports, articles, industry reports, research material, study material etc. faster, with more focus, minimizing distractions and they will now have extra time to take on and drive new initiatives.

Peak Performing Corporate Athlete

How can an individual sustain peak performance at work throughout the day? This program helps them adopt habits and techniques that helps them get to peak physical, emotional and mental fitness a step at a time and then sustain it throughout the day. They would be able to manage stress and channel it for success.

Time Management / Seize the Day

In this program, the focus is on helping people optimally balance different roles so that they have time for their organization, family, self and society. Focusing on what they want to get done and getting more done during the day helps an individual lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Replacing Stress with Fun

Changing perceptions of situations or of people transforms stressful situations into more positive ones. A simple mind set change helps them replace stress with fun and by adopting a few small habits to de-stress and renew energy helps avoid long term buildup of stress. This program has interesting music related exercises that helps demonstrate learning.


Stage is Yours

Many professionals doing exceptionally well in their roles, have a mind-block that they are not good public speakers. However hard they try to use techniques to improve, the fear of speaking in public does not seem to go away. We help people get over the fear of public speaking and become exceptional speakers

Power of Influencing

People in your team who are constantly required to influence and convince others would benefit from this learning intervention. By using psychological principles effectively they can increase their convincing power and have a better outcome in their conversations with their customers with greater chances of achieving their desired outcome.  This program is especially beneficial for sales people and leaders.

Power of Negotiating

This learning intervention is focused on helping people who have to have difficult conversations and arrive at a negotiated outcome. Using techniques of negotiation to diffuse fear, anger and hostility and work towards a win-win. Getting the agreement in a difficult conversation whilst maintaining the relationship is important and this program gives valuable input to do just that.

Dynamic Interviewing

If an interview is done effectively the organization attracts the best talent to the organization. If not, the organization has to deal with people who are not suitable which results in an unhappy experience for everyone concerned. This learning intervention gives the interviewer skills required to understand the interviewee better and make the right selection.

Building Language Confidence

Most people have a fear that they are not able to speak in English which is the commonly used language in most professions. This creates an inferiority complex which affects many professionals and their confidence levels. This learning intervention consists of a series of practical exercises that helps them get over their fear of speaking in English.

Selling in Difficult Times

Obstacles in selling during difficult times can be overcome by changing mindset and thinking. Techniques to frame situations in a more positive manner and attracting sales creates the right positive energy and starts an upward spiral of success. Selling techniques used with this kind of mind set change ensures success.


Management Development Programs

This program spanning across six months is specifically designed for people in middle management to help them develop themselves, develop their leadership skills and bring out the best from their teams. Workshops, discussions with supervisors, one on one coaching sessions, assignments and organization related projects ensure that true transformation happens.

Executive Development Programs

Executives specially selected for the program go through a series of assessments, workshops and assignments. We help them adopt a winning mind set, learn and apply skills and tools to maximize their own potential and make a positive lasting transformation. We would help them develop their personal brand, communication skills, confidence levels and professionalism.

Feedback for a Win-Win

Not many people in supervisory roles know how to give effective feedback to their subordinates. This learning intervention is to help anyone managing a team give positive feedback positively and negative feedback positively so that it inspires change. The learning will help the supervisor give and receive feedback constructively at an appraisal or on a day to day basis thereby ensuring that all feedback moments of truth results in the motivation of the individual.

Best from Teams

The most valuable resource in an organization is its people. Through this learning intervention, a leader can learn how to inspire teams and bring out the best from each and every individual. The leader would learn how to delegate, monitor, motivate and increase the productivity of the team as a whole.

High Performing Team via Music

This is a unique offering where the learning related to teamwork would be through the use of Music as the medium. Music related exercises will help the participants relax and open up. Parallels in group singing to teamwork would then be discussed and learning would be more experiential.

Power to the People

The impact that the leader’s mood has on its team is incredible and through this program, we help leaders understand the effect they have on their team, harness their own energy, renew it when it is down and transfer it. The leader learns to maintain high energy levels during good and bad times.

Unleashing the New Leader

A person who has performed very well as an individual contributor is most often expected by management to perform well as a leader. This is not always the case. This learning intervention gives the new leader the confidence, skills and techniques to manage time, manage people and manage expectations effectively.


Service Inside Out

Service is not merely a 10 step approach, but more a mindset change that has to happen. We help to create that mindset change in especially the customer facing people in your organization. When this happens there is true transformation in their service, and you would not have to push them at all.

For school / university students


Lightning Reading aka Speed Reading

The student is able to revise many, many times more prior to the exam than normally possible. Obviously the more times you revise before the exam the higher your marks are likely to be. How? Very simple, the techniques taught increases the student’s focus when reading and eliminates distractions, thereby helping the person get through reading material faster and with more understanding. Productive reading. Now that they have read the material in less time, they can now re-read it and still have time left over!


ACE Exams the Smart Way

Most students even though they have studied, choke at the examinations due to high levels of stress.  We help students work on their mental toughness and preparation along with better time and stress management. We help students look at studying from a different more interesting perspective helping them build more productive habits for studying and retention

For adult students


Lightning Reading aka Speed Reading

If you are an adult who is managing different roles, a profession and also trying to complete your graduate or post-graduate studies, this skill is a must have! You can revise your reading material many, many times more and with greater focus. So you spend less time reading but get through more material and remember more. And you can get through your reading in double quick time – thereby saving valuable time which can be spent on your job or family.


Study Skills

Critically looked at your study habits recently? Are you sure they are productive? We help students adopt productive techniques of studying that support the way our mind and brains are designed to work. We help the student manage time, prepare mentally and manage their stress levels and perform at peak at the examinations.


Unleash your Potential

Are you happy? Happy with who you are as a person? Happy with where you are now? Happy about where you are heading? Not sure? Or a definite NO! Then this program will help you. We help you take control over your life and your purpose. We inspire your dreams.

Stage is Yours

You have a fear to speak in public? Do you freeze at presentations? Do you get a fantastic idea, but do not have the courage to voice it? We can help you confidently make your voice be heard in any forum – by helping you change how you see yourself as a speaker. Incredibly powerful mindset change.